Rhie Won-bok (b 1946) is a contemporary Korean cartoonist. He writes pedantic books about the politics and culture of countries.  He is also an asshole.

Nice cover, you hapless dick.

The following photos were taken from my English copy of…whatever this bullshit book is called.  The following is, at best, misinformed, at worst, bigoted.  I’ve selected the atrocities that can be contained and explained in one or two frames.

If one loses his job, no one in American society, including parents and siblings, can really help out.

It's rarely safe for anyone to take a walk after sunset in a major U.S city.

Panel 1: In America, you should never put your hand inside your pocket when asked by a police officer to present ID Panel 2: because he might think you're reaching for a gun!

One of the most common phrases in America is... Woman: I will sue you!

Panel 1: A basic principle of American society where everyone puts up a protective shield Panel 2: is that 'distrust' is a fundamental premise. Left Man: I can't trust you. Right man: How am I supposed to know who you are and what you are.

It's difficult though for people to trust each other in this multi-racial society where all sorts of people live.

Even though it heavily advertises the 'harmful' cigarettes overseas

The author is obviously an enraged smoker. He spent several pages of this book complaining about not being able to smoke in offices and at restaurants in America. Ahem, I’ve been known to indulge as well, but my proclivities don’t make me ironically consider the effects of cigarettes on my health.  Shoot – why elaborate? It’s obviously ridiculous.

Panel 1: Even though American society tends to be very conservative and strict on free sex, Panel 2: the frightening AIDs disease rages throughout society due to the unhealthy sex habits of many young Americans.

Panel 1: Whether true or not, it's commonly said that only a small percentage of Americans hold passports. Panel 2: People who make this assertion are probably suggesting that America is not very open and global, at least not as much as it's held out to be.

Whether true or not, a writer should use a fact checker.  People who make this assertion hold author’s accountable for what they write.

Panel 1: Understandably, other racial groups found the close-mindedness of Koreans to be very offensive. Panel 2: Left Man: Koreans are diligent and tough, Right Man: and whatever business they do, they are almost as successful as Jews.

This is just a sampling of some of the gut busting, jaw dropping, outrageous crap this guy espouses.  You’re a dick, Mister.

I researched (cough googled cough) him and found out that a couple of years back he generated a righteous shit storm for including in this series conspiracy theories about Jews in the United States.  He has since apologized to the KOREAN AMERICAN community for endangering their relationship with the all-powerful Jews and deleted those sections.  If you’re thinking that I don’t have excerpts from this, you’re right. But this guy does.

You look so sweet. But guy, really, you suck.